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May 13, 2011

Tim Keller on Homosexuality: Good for Human Flourishing Inside the PCA?

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There has been much commentary lately regarding Rev. Tim Keller’s public responses to questions related to homosexuality (here, here, here, here, and here, just to mention a few).  The aftermath of all this chatter has resulted in more general discussions of Keller, his role, and the future: here, here and here. Many of the discussions have quoted large portions of Keller’s interviews, but I had not seen a video of any of these interactions until I found this:


April 24, 2011

Easter Service @ Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York

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Lord’s Day worship at Redeemer Presbyterian NYC this morning was the epitome of an evangelical Easter Service. The stage was flooded with lilies (Attendees could even take one home after service!), the liturgy was littered with special music (more than congregational singing!), NYC’s once-a-year attendees were given the opportunity to pay penance in a special Easter sacrificial offering to promote “social justice” causes (Please, come back again next year for our once-a-year special offering!), and personal testimonies (four!) were as ubiquitous as rattlers at a Church of God with Signs Following service.

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